Pompelio is an AI company that revolutionizes last-mile delivery with its innovative Pompelio.GEO services

We provide accurate and reliable spatial data that ensures no delivery failure due to wrong address information.
We aspire to change the way spatial data is handled and utilized, overcoming the limitations of conventional mapping services for the delivery industry.
Last-Mile Delivery Problem
25% of deliveries are unsuccessful due to an incorrect address in the order

The cost of unsuccessful delivery is $17.2

41% of customers are willing to buy from other sellers if the retailer does not meet their delivery requirements

50% of shoppers delete their cart when they see the shipping price.

Challenges of the last-mile delivery market:
• Reduce the cost of delivery;
• Operational efficiency;
Satisfying consumer expectations.

Current solutions on the market
• Route optimization
• Address verification
• delivery by robots and drones to get away from the use of drivers
• name your own particular solution...
We at Pompelio decided to start with the basics
With the help of Pompelio AI platform for unstructured data processing, we create a specialized repository of address information about addresses (Global Address Catalog) and change the principles of working with spatial data
Pompelio.GEO – Solution for Last Mile Delivery
Global Address Catalogue – unified international address management system
Global Address Directory based on reference data from existing sources of address knowledge:
• official address databases, historical address databases, databases of construction sites, open sources of information about businesses and their activities, etc.;
Multilingual support
• an English-speaking user can find a Cyrillic address in Central Europe;
Pompelio own AI algorithms and techniques for:
• address codification;
• Address validation and verification;
Realtime updating the address directory;
• maintaining the integrity and consistency of the Address Directory.

We offer a set of APIs and tools for B2B customers:

• Address verification and validation;
• Address Directory enrichment with their own knowledge about addresses (toponyms, intercom code, etc.);
• delivery routes optimization (Pompelio patented algorithms of multi-point delivery by several couriers, depending on the traffic situation).

Pompelio.GEO services advantages
Eliminate the drawbacks of existing map services for delivery services

Allow free-form input of delivery address (with spelling errors and toponyms as the customer knows them)

Support outdated historical names in addresses (useful for those unfamiliar with the new name)

Implement a unified global system of address object codes for machine-to-machine interaction

Enable fast expansion of new geography when scaling the service (one month to add a country)
Pompelio.GEO features
Optimized Delivery Process

90% cost reduction through address verification algorithms;
97% accuracy in address parsing;
• Address correctness verification and format translation are automatic;
• Utilizes a global unified address coding system for seamless M2M interaction;
Adaptive routing based on terrain features for efficient task allocation;
Dynamic real-time route adjustment for multi-point routes with multiple couriers.

Customer Convenience
2-hour delivery window;
• Handles recipient addresses in various formats, including errors and transliteration.

• New geography upload in just 1 month;
• Comprehensive multilingual support;
Expansion beyond address directories for broader functionality.
Let's create infrastructure for autonomous last-mile delivery together!
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